About Orchid Bride

We’re wedding professionals helping you build your dream day. From searching for your dream suppliers to managing your wedding timeline, it can all be done from orchidbride.com.


Search for your dream supplier! We can provide you with a list of all the contacts you'll ever need, all from a single login. Contact them by location, price and availability.
  • DJs
  • Venues
  • Caterers
  • Boutique Dresses
...and more!


Do you like to see how the wedding plans are progressing? Are you on target and within budget? From here you can generate:
  • A plan of all activities and their completion dates.
  • Report on how your finances are looking. Are you under budget?
  • See how your suppliers are progressing. Are they on schedule?


By using orchidbride.com, you can save time, effort - and money!
  • Select only those services which you can afford. You will always get the best rates by going through Orchid Bride.
  • No need to chase individual providers on the progress, instead you see it all here!
  • One log in, and Orchid Bride opens a world of weddings at your fingertips.

To benefit from our services, join us to create your dream wedding team.

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